17 April 2014

I was looking forward to the lunar eclipse on April 15th, but the weather foiled any plan to get a tidy sequence of shots of the whole process. For the very vast majority of the eclipse the moon was hidden from view behind cloud. Dammit!

I managed to get some shots with my new Canon 70D, but all appear quite grainy. However, I have to say that the expanded ISO range (up to 12,500!) helped to get shutter speeds fast enough in the very dim light.

Having very little idea what I was doing, I experimented with exposures–hence the variety of light levels in the below.

The eclipse ends...

The eclipse ends…


Neighbour Drops by for a Drink…

13 April 2014

Meet Moustache.

Moustache has adopted us. She belongs next door, but we seem to be acceptable company when her people aren’t home. Sometimes she just drops by for a drink…

IMG_0058 a bw

Tomatoes: Still Life 2

1 February 2014

And some more tomatoes.

Different bed-sheet this time, same texture and technique — except for the last one, which makes use of Nik’s Analog Efex Pro. (Don’t you hate how Americans spell things?!)

IMG_5141 t c



IMG_5134 tc


IMG_5129 b t 2

Tomatoes: Still Life

1 February 2014

I pulled the last of the tomato plants out two days ago — they had some sort of fungus and were more than ‘unwell’. Unfortunately, there were still a few green tomatoes waiting to get ripe. I picked them as well, and then had a photographer’s moment… or hour.




Stage I: Tomatoes, in beautiful wooden fruit bowl, on bed sheet draped over chair beside window.

No post-processing beyond a wee bit of dodge and burn.

With texture

With texture

   Stage II: texture added to the bed sheet via layers in Photoshop.

Texture is a mixture of two images: one of round-leafed foliage; one of river pebbles.

IMG_5093 t c

Color Efex Pro

Stage III: previous image put through Nik’s Color Efex Pro 4.

Filters used were Classic Soft Focus, Glamour Glow, and Vignette Blur.

Some dodging around the edges as well.

IMG_5093 t c desat

Partially desaturated

Stage IV: the previous image partially desaturated–just to see what it looked like.

IMG_5093 t c bw


Stage V: the previous image put through Nik’s Silver Efex Pro.

I started with the Antique Plate and tweaked from there.

Water Buck

31 January 2014

Some water buck images from the trip to Orana Park at the beginning of the month.





Regional Park Walkabout

30 January 2014

Some more images from my too-late-in-the-morning-for-good-light walkabout the other day.

Really enjoyed the walk. Shame I didn’t get up earlier to enjoy some great light too!

These first images are from Duder Regional Park.

Morning sunlight through the trees

Morning sunlight through the trees

A peaceful seat on the hill

A peaceful seat on the hill

Shifting sands at Umupuia Beach.

Shifting sands at Umupuia Beach.

A pukeko sees a threat; hides from the threa, then runs form the threat.

A pukeko sees a threat; hides from the threat; then runs from the threat.

After lunch on the beach, interrupted only by some training aircraft in the low flying area that borders the park, I spent a short while in the Clevedon Scenic Reserve.

IMG_5064 a

The magnificent kauri at Clevedon Scenic Reserve

More kauri trees.

More kauri trees.

Tree fern.

Tree fern.

Light falls through the bush canopy.

Light falls through the bush canopy.

Summer Seagull

28 January 2014

Went for an indulgent walk in Duder Regional Park today hoping to find some good nature-category images. However, being on leave and lazy, I didn’t get up early enough for the good light.

One image from today. More to come later if there are any worth sharing.

Seagull overhead at midday

Seagull overhead at midday


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