19 July 2014
Killing an hour before hotel pick-up from Christchurch after my first Australian overnight–in Melbourne. Arriving at midnight, we did at least have all of the next day to explore before flying out at 6.15 pm. It was a cold day (8 degrees Celsius at its warmest!), but I went for a short walk with the camera, and then had a little play in Snapseed.

The Hilton on the Park looks right out at the MCG.









The cup on the chair was in the hotel room. The light was just lovely, and I just couldn’t resist!

Roman Lily

17 July 2014

Preparing for the upcoming Creative Focus competition…

A Roman road runs through a lily.

IMG_0681 CR TXT 6

Planet Onion

14 July 2014

Finally finished my A320 type rating and line training.

Got the camera out a couple of days ago… and had to remember how to use it!

Cold, rainy and generally inhospitable outside, so turned the lens on what just happened to be hanging around in the kitchen: the humble onion.

All of the movement and exposure is done in camera — long exposures and some zooming in and out.


On Better Behaviour

25 April 2014

Moustache, when she’s not drinking out of the toilet, is actually all sweetness and light…



IMG_0015 bw SIGN

Wedding Anniversary

25 April 2014

Recently we celebrated our wedding anniversary. My wonderful husband turned up with a dozen exquisite long-stemmed red roses.

The camera came out…


17 April 2014

I was looking forward to the lunar eclipse on April 15th, but the weather foiled any plan to get a tidy sequence of shots of the whole process. For the very vast majority of the eclipse the moon was hidden from view behind cloud. Dammit!

I managed to get some shots with my new Canon 70D, but all appear quite grainy. However, I have to say that the expanded ISO range (up to 12,500!) helped to get shutter speeds fast enough in the very dim light.

Having very little idea what I was doing, I experimented with exposures–hence the variety of light levels in the below.

The eclipse ends...

The eclipse ends…


Neighbour Drops by for a Drink…

13 April 2014

Meet Moustache.

Moustache has adopted us. She belongs next door, but we seem to be acceptable company when her people aren’t home. Sometimes she just drops by for a drink…

IMG_0058 a bw


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