Adelaide Returns

29 September 2014

Had a shorter trip to Adelaide just over a week ago.  Got round to the images today.

Great entertainment watching the magpie dive-bomb the pelican. Poor pelican: the magpie was a real bully.

Another perfect-weather day. One of my new favourite places.

Rarotonga Ramble

27 September 2014

Flew back from my first trip to Rarotonga this morning. EARLY this morning. We left Raro at 0235 local time (1235 UTC), and arrived at 0500 local time here in NZ (1700 UTC). Have to say, travelling at those hours doesn’t strike me as entirely desirable — but we had a good load of passengers, so clearly the demand exists.

The weather in the tropics was kind (for the 34 hours we were there), although swimming wasn’t an option with the surf chopping up the water in the lagoon and creating something of a mini-rip on the steep-ish beach — making it impossible to avoid the coral. Ouch.

Some images…

Adelaide Panos

15 September 2014

And finally, just a couple of panoramas from Adelaide.

Graffiti on display under the motorway over- bridge.

Graffiti on display under the motorway over- bridge.

sheep shed

The sheep-judging shed at the Adelaide Show. And that’s not all of it!


More from Adelaide

15 September 2014

A few more images from Adelaide, and the Royal Adelaide Show.



12 September 2014

In Adelaide on a layover for work today, and visited the Royal Adelaide Show. It was a beautiful, fine, sunny day, so I walked the 3km both ways from the hotel… and I have the blisters to prove it! (Why didn’t I bring my sneakers?!)

An eclectic collection of snapshots resulted.

More when I get home.

Botanic Gardens

11 August 2014

A visit to the Auckland Botanic Gardens today.

Kotuku 2

9 August 2014

I’ve been busy the last few evenings working on my entries for this year’s Nelson Triptych Competition. Enjoying the process very much, as I now have a brand-new MacBook Pro to play with! Brilliant piece of kit.

One more image of a kotuku that I’ve worked on and will put together with some others for one of my entries.

IMG_1444 blur


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