Cabin Frenzy Coming Up

Posted by Christine Ody, 1 August 2012

Every year Sandra Duncan, domestic flight attendant and artist extraordinaire, organises the Cabin Frenzy charity art exhibition.

Cabin Frenzy is an annual event that raises money for Koru Care , a charity that helps sick and disabled kids do something special–like take a trip to Disneyland.

Cabin Frenzy is a showcase for the artistic talents of Air New Zealanders and their families. Many of the exhibitors (like Sandy) are professional artists in their own right, and others (like me) are keen amateurs. The variety of articles for sale is vast. Past years have seen sculptures, sketches, photography and jewellery, and this year should provide more of the same.

The event will be held on Saturday 8 September, at HANGAR No 5, Wairakei Road extension at Christchurch Airport. Watch this space for details of times and the cost of tickets.

The past couple of years I have submitted some sketches (and sold one!) but this year I’ve had four photos framed to contribute. (If they don’t sell, they’ll be going on up my on walls at home.) I’m also considering printing some cards of the same images and offering them for sale. Have a look at the cards page, and vote on which one you like best!

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