Cabin Frenzy a Stunning Success

On Saturday the 8th of September Dave and I travelled down to Christchurch for the annual Cabin Frenzy exhibition (see previous posts for explanation). This event has grown exponentially in its short, four-year history. Starting out as a low-key, single-room event, 2012’s edition saw over 450 people attend an exceptionally well planned and executed evening at number 5 hangar at Christchurch airport.

There were 90 individual artworks, ranging from a barbed-wire sculpture through a polished-concrete-topped table to a wide variety of pictorial art: sketches, paintings and photographs. Man, I work amongst some talented people!  All of the art was cleverly displayed around an A320–which was in the hangar for routine maintenance and was just a little difficult to shift for the evening! It made a great centrepiece, and shared the limelight with  the colourful on-stage entertainment emceed by the irrepressible Tim Roper. Tim is one of our domestic pursers. He indulges in a sanitised version of his stand-up every day on board. Passengers love his irreverence, and so did the Cabin Frenzy crowd.  Tim–go have a chat with Captain Mathewson: his son, Rhys, is a Billy-T award winner. I’m sure they know someone who knows someone who can get you a paying gig!

Up for auction were a number of donated items, such as helicopter rides over Christchurch, flights to Sydney, and a designer frock (skillfully “modelled” by Tim). Bidders were generous, and these items helped to raise a thousand or two dollars for the cause.

There were a couple of people taking photographs, so I am very much hoping that they will end up on the Cabin Frenzy Facebook page: The Press had an article and accompanying photo in either Sunday or Monday’s paper–but I can’t find it online.

Huge thanks and accolades go to Sandra Duncan and her organising committee. As a result of their Herculean efforts, they will be presenting Koru Care with a cheque for somewhere around $10,000. Outstanding!

I contributed four framed images to the exhibition–and was stoked to sell one of them! (Which was helpful, as then I only had to figure out how to get three home, instead of all four!)

Bring on next year’s event.


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