Long-legs Luke

31 December 2012

Managed to get up home to see the family this Christmas, after working the last couple.

The notable new arrival–only about a month old–is tentatively named Long-legs Luke. Luke’s dam, E, is my sister-in-law Tracy’s  registered thoroughbred mare. Luke’s sire is recently imported stallion Buffalo Man, who stands at Totara Park Stud, Tracy’s workplace. My brother, Fred, reportedly dreamed that Luke makes $400,000 at auction in a year’s time. Good luck…

While Luke is curious to figure out what us humans are all about, he’s not quite curious enough to get further than a foal’s width away from the security of Mum… who was only concerned with ensuring all of us gave her a good scratch and love-up! Consequently, with my long lens on, I was continually having to back up and shuffle about the place in an attempt to get foal-only photos.

The light was not great–bright, and overhead–so I’ve had a play with some black and white alterations. Some of them worked OK, I think.

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