Maraetai Morning

11 January 2013

Why is it that all of the hobbies in which I get seriously interested require getting up ridiculously early? It used to be flying, and now it’s photography. But the early starts are always worth it (for both pastimes).

Left home at 0530 this morning to arrive in time for sun-up at  Maraetai (well, officially, I believe it is Magazine Bay) at 0615. High tide was scheduled for about an hour later, and hence the expedition. Nearly drove off the Clevedon-Maraetai Road several times–distracted by a number of other photo-ops. (Early morning, a little fog, old shed, pond… but absolutely nowhere to park! Have to go back.)

Arrived in good time, and set up. A little overcast on the horizon, so not a superb sunrise, but it coloured up for about five minutes. And, happily, a family fishing on the wharf, so an element of interest.

Still having challenges with my variable ND filter. It is impossible to avoid interference patterns on a wide-angle lens (so I had to make do with longer lenses, and backing up!) Have found a B+W 10-stop ND filter for a good price on Amazon, and it’s in the mail. That should solve the interference problems.

I like some of the results. Still learning.

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