3 July 2013

We’re in Rome! After 33 hours of travelling (doorstep to doorstep) we’ve made it half the way around the world. Auckland to Brisbane, B777, 4:00 (including a bit of an ATC delay), an hour in the transit lounge; Brisbane to Dubai, B777, 13:30 (quite quick) and four hours in the terminal; Dubai to Rome, A380, 5:45; aeroporto to via Giacomo Venezia, Trastevere, Roma–via Alfa romeo–roughly half an hour.

Managed to find and have a shower in Dubai airport–but no towels. What nutcase designs a shower in an airport and then a) doesn’t fit clothes hooks on the back of the doors in the showers; and b) doesn’t establish a rent-a-towel option? Bought “Dubai Duty Free” labelled towels and creatively solved the wet-everything-on-the-ground problem so that we at least smelled alive by the time we arrived in Rome.

Roberto (who owns our rental accommodation) took us past the Colisseum on the way from the airport. Impressive. Huge. Have to go for a closer look.

Interesting drive. It would appear Italy has no road rules other than stopping on a red light. No one indicates to change lanes–if the lanes are marked on the road–and it appears perfectly acceptable to stop, back up or cut in front of anybody, anywhere, anytime.

After a bit of unpacking (not much) we went for a wander around our neighbourhood: Trastevere. It’s the oldest part of Rome. Beautiful. And confusing. Lost on the way home from the supermercato. But we figured it out. Fresh tomatoes and lettuce in the fridge, then out with the camera for a quick walk. San Pietro in Montorio church is a sneeze away from us here, but closed by the time we got there this evening. Must go back. Beautiful building. And a great view out over the city from the hill upon which it sits.

The only kit I am travelling with is my iPad (complete with Snapseed), and my Seagate wifi hard drive. The WordPress app for iPad is about to get tested! We have free wifi here in Rome (none in our next stop, Lucca) so will be able to post a little for the next few days.

Here (hopefully, if I can work out how) are a few shots from today with very minimal editing–as that is all I am able to do!













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