Triptych Trail 2: Lucca

22 August 2013

OK, so here’s a couple that I’m not going to enter in the Nelson competition.

These two shots were taken on top of the wall that surrounds Lucca, in Tuscany. Lots of people ride bicycles around the sealed part on top of the wall, which is a good two-lane-road wide.

I was motivated to put these together because of the very strong geometric elements I could create. But then there was a great big gap of grass in the first one that was just so empty. So I put a bicycle in it. Just because I could.

While I initially liked the images together from a geometric perspective, I think I overdid the colour. It’s all a bit too much. And then I had second thoughts about the very strong geometric lines. Keen on anyone’s thoughts!

The bicycle I kinda like. Quirky and disjointed and obviously out of place.

The great emptiness.

The great emptiness.



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