Tomatoes: Still Life

1 February 2014

I pulled the last of the tomato plants out two days ago — they had some sort of fungus and were more than ‘unwell’. Unfortunately, there were still a few green tomatoes waiting to get ripe. I picked them as well, and then had a photographer’s moment… or hour.




Stage I: Tomatoes, in beautiful wooden fruit bowl, on bed sheet draped over chair beside window.

No post-processing beyond a wee bit of dodge and burn.

With texture

With texture

   Stage II: texture added to the bed sheet via layers in Photoshop.

Texture is a mixture of two images: one of round-leafed foliage; one of river pebbles.

IMG_5093 t c

Color Efex Pro

Stage III: previous image put through Nik’s Color Efex Pro 4.

Filters used were Classic Soft Focus, Glamour Glow, and Vignette Blur.

Some dodging around the edges as well.

IMG_5093 t c desat

Partially desaturated

Stage IV: the previous image partially desaturated–just to see what it looked like.

IMG_5093 t c bw


Stage V: the previous image put through Nik’s Silver Efex Pro.

I started with the Antique Plate and tweaked from there.


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