Not a Spoonbill…

27 July 2014

I got a Facebook message today from a friend and fellow photographer that the royal spoonbills were back in our local pond. As yet I’ve not managed to happen upon these occasional visitors, so grabbed the camera, monopod and gumboots and tore out the door… only to arrive at said pond to be greeted by another similarly equipped photographer’s: “They just took off when I got here!”


But the consolation prize was our friend the kotuku.  I’m not used to a monopod, and seem to have a very shaky hand, so, despite the high ISO (1000-1250) and shutter speeds of anywhere between 1/800 to 1/5000 depending on the light, I still managed to ruin a large number of attempts by wiggling!

This shot was OK after recovering the highlights in Photoshop.  More later.

For some great shots of the spoonbills, visit Lynn’s Serendipity Photography Facebook page.

IMG_1414 A CR2

And here’s a quick edit of another one.

IMG_1315 cr





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