Puhinui Three-day Event

7 December 2014

Today is Pearl Harbour Day. It is also the 20th anniversary of the day I purchased my first car. However, those two things have nothing whatsoever to do with today’s post.

Yesterday, by chance, we discovered the Puhinui three-day event was already at day two (cross-country). Today was the show jumping. And, given that it’s close to home and the weather was finally summery, we decided to spectate.

The light was pretty dreadful–bright sun–so a lot of post-processing effort had to go into attempting to recover heavy shadows and bright highlights.

Eventing is also plagued, I discovered, by sponsors’ faff: brightly coloured signs and displays (in this case cars) positioned to get in nearly every photograph from every angle. And if you do manage to avoid those sorts of distractions, then all the spectators and tents mess up the background. So the only option left is to crop them out (if surreptitious cloning doesn’t work).

Regardless, some beautifully presented horses working very hard for their skilful riders. Highly recommend it as a spectator sport.

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