Bern, Briefly

7 October 2015

Yesterday we arrived in Bern on a grey, rainy and somewhat inhospitable day. Staying in the Ibis Bern Expo, we were surprised to find that a) the room didn’t even include a jug to boil water for coffee; and b) the national equestrian centre is just out the window. It’s huge. The first time I’ve had to dodge horse, rather than dog, excrement on the street (only a little, to be fair.)

It was a quiet late afternoon in, after we had negotiated our way to and from the local Migros (supermarket) on the tram, and purchased a very German dinner (and one that needed no cooking or refrigeration facilities): bread, cheese, salami and prosciutto, olives and feta, and some very cheap (CHF2.60 per litre) red wine. Followed by Swiss chocolate, of course.

But today we were out and about, discovering ‘old Bern’. The focus of our wanderings was, of course, the Einstein Museum (which is actually just part of a much larger museum), and a visit to the apartment at which Einstein was living when he did most of the pivotal work on his Theory of Relativity in 1905-6. Quite cool to have been there.

Bern is very different to Geneva and Montreux — both of which are French influenced. Bern is very, very Germanic, and German is the predominant language. Everything is immaculately maintained and tidy.

A selection of snapshots from an overcast and flat-lighted day. Some use of HDR here to try to recover some colour and detail.

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