12 May 2016

Last week I had the opportunity of a lifetime: travel to Toulouse to participate in the delivery flight for ZK-OXL, Air New Zealand’s 29th A320. (Story of that to come.)

Whilst it was a whirlwind adventure (literally around the world in seven days) we were on the ground in Toulouse, France, for two days. Day one was a public holiday, so we ventured out to Carcassonne. Day two yielded a spare hour, so I shot off with the camera to the church of St Sernin.

Not the highest quality photography ever, but a record of a beautiful place, nonetheless. I’ll have to go back!


A selection of images from Carcassonne.

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Churches: in Carcassonne and St Sernin in Toulouse. All a bit grainy as a result of having to use ISO 4000 in the low light (and no tripod, of course)!

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And finally from Toulouse itself. We stayed in the Crowne Plaza, so just footsteps away from everything.

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