Smithsonian Air and Space

27 September 2016

So, this is what happens when a physics teacher and a pilot visit the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum…


…as well as a couple of ties, t-shirts and model aircraft…

Inside a museum — even one as auspicious as the NASM — isn’t the place to make especially inspiring images. There is always light in the wrong place, as well as other people; and there’s always something you don’t want in the background. But I tried anyway! (If you want to see some really good images, visit their website.)

For a pilot, the pilgrimage to this magnificent place is significant. I was going to say like Mecca for a Muslim, but I think Kitty Hawk would be a better parallel. If you are afflicted by any form of enthusiasm for things aeronautical, I highly recommend adding the NASM to your bucket list (and then ticking it off, of course).

These few images are such a tiny portion of what there is to see, but there comes a point when you just concentrate on enjoying it while you’re there… and then buy the book! (See above.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And tomorrow we go to the Udvar-Hazy Center (SR-71, Enola Gay, Space Shuttle Discovery!!)


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