31 May 2015

I’m finally organised!

Officially launched today,

Thanks to the wonderful service provided by Queensberry, I can now offer my photography for sale in a range of print options.

Very excited!

Autumn Harvest

11 May 2015

Autumn means pears and feijoas and short, darker days.





Keeping up ApPEARances

11 May 2015

Autumn, and triptych season beckons…



2 May 2015

I can finally share with the world that I have been successful in my bid to gain my Licentiateship of the Photographic Society of New Zealand (LPSNZ)!

Here are my 10 images. (For the LPSNZ submission they were resized so that the vertical dimension of each image was the same, in order to ease the transition between landscape and portrait orientation.)


25 April 2015

An unseasonably warm autumn day Down Under. Rescued these before I mowed the lawn.









19 April 2015



19 April 2015

Sitting at home today with a wicked head cold. Spent the time post-processing some more zoo images.








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