Just a Dead Fish

17 January 2016

Just a fish skeleton on the beach.


Swan Plant Seed Pod

8 January 2016

Some rainy-day indoor macro photography today.

Who knew the insides of swan plant seed pods were so interesting?

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More from Bethells Beach

7 January 2016

There was more to see than just sunsets at Bethells Beach.

We started out by walking for about half an hour across massive sand dunes, and then alongside the lake on an easy track to get to a series of small waterfalls.

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Back at the beach we waited for the sun to set. Time for some abstractions…

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And then the sun finally did set, just before 9pm.

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Bethells Beach

6 January 2016

Went to Bethells Beach yesterday with the Focus Photography Meetup Group. Beautiful spot, beautiful weather.





4 January 2016

One of Mum and Dad’s regular visitors.

Prosthemadra novaeseelandiae

Prosthemadra novaeseelandiae

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Bream Head

3 January 2016

Cloud after the rain, partially obscuring Bream Head — with a little texture added.


Back to the Drawing Board

3 January 2016

Have just spent a few days up north with my family over a very wet New Year’s.

Here’s Dad (73) relaxing: designing his new pull-grader with his recently acquired draftsman’s table which is now situated in his office. About the closest I am ever going to be able to get to a portrait of my somewhat camera-averse Pa.

Man at work.

Man at work.

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