High-key, Low-key

16 March 2015

Working hard today on my photography diploma tasks: an introduction to high-key and low-key images. Learnt quite a lot, and had plenty of fun stirring up the grey matter for ideas for images… and left a trail of mess behind me as I moved an eclectic myriad of possibly suitable subject matter into my ‘studio’ (the lounge with a light tent). It’s a time-consuming (but enjoyable) business.

Anyway, some high- and low-key images — with random household objects!


Waiting for Pam

15 March 2015

Cyclone Pam is on the way. Hopefully, for us here in Auckland, it shouldn’t be too bad. So far it’s just been a grey, drizzly, drab afternoon and evening…

A lonely pine cone waits on the deck for Cyclone Pam...

A lonely pine cone waits on the deck for Cyclone Pam…

Oil Paint Artistry

14 March 2015

Another image from my walk the other day, converted to black and white and treated with a blue filter to cancel out the purples and light blues in the flower and to bring out the whites, then subjected to the ‘oil paint’ filter in Photoshop.

And my trial logo in the bottom right…


Magnificent Sky

13 March 2015

After all the time I took yesterday wandering about poking my camera at things and intentionally under- and over-exposing images for a learning exercise in the diploma I’m working on, I decided to HDR this view because I just loved the sky.

(Don’t look too closely at the shadows: they were horribly under-exposed in order to capture the sky. Now they’re just all spotty and noisy.)

Morning sky from my neighbourhood park.

Morning sky from my neighbourhood park.


Soft Light

12 March 2015

Just one image today. Back into the light box / light tent after completing module four of my diploma (which was all about exposure…)

I thought these were called monkey apples, but a quick Google search tells me I’m wrong.

_MG_9656 BW

First Experiments

11 March 2015

I haven’t had the camera out properly for a while–but I have just started a diploma in photography, run by The Photography Institute. Enjoying it so far: learning a lot about the technical background to photography that I didn’t know (but should have) before.

To that end, I just purchased a light tent  (80 cm square) and some extension tubes. Had my first play with them today. I have a lot to learn, but I like the light tent especially. Great potential. The limited depth of field with the extension tubes is definitely a challenge, as are subjects that just won’t sit still!


Sunset Beach, Port Waikato

20 January 2015

Took the hour’s drive out to Sunset Beach at Port Waikato last night, had a takeaway dinner and waited for the sunset. Such a beautiful spot.


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